Light blue box with dark blue lettering saying "2020 World Relief Campaign" in the top row, "Funding Fresh Starts" in the second row, an image of an open book with two hands touching either side- one had is medium shade of blue and the other is dark blue, and in the bottom row it says "Empowering Immigrants Through Education"
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Many immigrants arrived in the United States with degrees or certifications that allowed them to work in their chosen profession in their country of origin. However, these degrees and certificates often do not lend themselves to employment in the United States without additional coursework. Without additional education or training many people who have been granted asylum will remain in very low-wage positions, even if qualified for a profession in their country of origin. Further, people who have been granted asylum do not qualify for educational loans or personal loans. By beginning this fund, ICDI is providing new opportunities for previously detained immigrants to continue their education for employment in their chosen field in the United States. During the Spring 2020 semester, SALT is working to raise $25,000 to support the start of this fund through the 2020 World Relief Campaign, Funding Fresh Starts: Empowering Immigrants Through Education.

The World Relief Campaign is able to support great organizations like ICDI each year because of donors like you. As we work to support projects, Valparaiso University students are able to learn how to raise funds, organize communities, and advocate for social justice issues.

Will you join us to ensure that previously detained immigrants have more educational and therefore, more employment opportunities in the United States? Make a tax deductible donation today.

The World Relief Campaign is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization registered in Indiana.

The words "Color 4A Cause May 2nd, 2020" and the C4C Logo (the words C4C and salt shaker over bright color splotches". These words are overlaid on an image from the 2019 Color 4A Cause where a large group of people are throwing up color powder into the air.

The World Relief Campaign’s Largest annual fundraiser is our annual 5K run/walk! This year our Color 4A Cause will be May 2nd at 9:30 AM. The 5K features various color stations throughout the route where volunteers shower runners with colored powder. Each runner will be provided a white T-Shirt with the race logo and sunglasses for eye protection. To sign up go to https://runsignup.com/Race/IN/Valparaiso/C4C

A box of green with a black oval in the middle with big letters saying "Social Action Leadership Team" in 4 rows with bright green letters. Below those words is the sentence "You are the salt of the earth" in little green letters. To the left of the words is a salt shaker with the word SALT down the side
A white rectangle. 3 rows of graphics. The top row contains black outlines of 5 houses of worship. From left to right, there is a cathedral, synagogue, mosque, church, and buddhist temple. The second row says "Interfaith Community" in red letters and the third row says "For Detained Immigrants" in red letters.

The World Relief Campaign is run by members of Valparaiso University’s Social Action Leadership Team, the social justice ministry of the Chapel of the Resurrection. You can learn more by visiting the “About Us” page or visiting our Facebook page. 

Our partner for the 2019 WRC is the Interfaith Community for Detained Immigrants (ICDI). ICDI is a non-profit based in Chicago, Illinois. Their work brings together people from many faith traditions around immigration. Their mission is first, to serve those who have been negatively affected by the United States immigration system. Second, ICDI advocates for systemic change in United States immigration.Learn more about the work of ICDI by visiting their website.
Transparent box with 4 rows. The top row says "FUNDING FRESH STARTS" in dark blue letters. The second row is an image of an open book with a dark blue hand on the left side of the book and a medium shade hand on the right side of the book. The third row says "Empowering Immigrants" in medium size dark blue letters and the bottom row says "Through Education" in medium size dark blue letters.

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