Ongoing list of information about the reentry process in the United States – please click here to add a recommendation.


“The Expanding Prisoner Reentry Industry.” by Douglas Thompkins (2010) 

But They All Come Back: Rethinking Prisoner Reentry” by Jeremy Travis (2000) 

“Life on the Outside.” by Christy Visher and Jeremy Travis (2011) 

The System Is Not Broken, It Is Intentional: The Prisoner Reentry Industry as Deliberate Structural Violence” by Jennifer Ortiz and Hayley Jackey (2019)

Reentering the Community after Prison: Perspectives on the Role and Importance of Social Support” by Jean Kjellstrand, Miriam Clark, Celia Caffery, Joanna Smith, and Mark Eddy (2021)


Reentry Network Podcast with Tee and Yack

Reentry Reframed with Kristen Shook & Melissa Goodman

Reformed: A Criminal Justice Podcast

abolition is for everybody


When Prisoners Come Home: Parole and Prisoner Reentry by Joan Petersilia